About Focus 2000:

Focus 2000 by WR 9000 Corp. designs, manufactures, imports, wholesales and distributes ladies apparel. The Focus 2000 brand sells millions of womens garments annually throughout the United States. Focus 2000 is vertically integrated and prides itself on efficiency and reliability. As part of a growing apparel group, Focus 2000 prides itself on quick response and timely delivery as well as EDI, ASN, UCC 128 Label, and on-line catalogue capabilities.

Focus 2000 bridges apparel at moderate prices. Focus 2000 supplies their customers with high end quality and styling in a product that addresses today's modern woman. Focus 2000 is a career focused clothing line for women who want to be fashionable and comfortable in both their workplace and at home. Lead today by President Margaret Crafa and Director of Merchandising Melodie Augustine, Focus 2000 supplies customers with perfect quality, styling and product that addresses todays complicated lifestyle.

Focus 2000 Lifestyle

Focus 2000 fabrics are selected from the very best offered in the world market. Most of our fabrics are wearable all year. Hi Tech yarns and finishes make our fabrics new, exciting, color accurate and give them an unbeatable touch. Focus 2000 truly brings together fashion-conscious career clothing and affordable pricing.

Focus 2000 is available in special sizes. We are very effective in handling private labels and is known for its quick response and timely delivery.

After a decade of building a business based on soft tailored womens suit separates and pants, Focus has expanded its offering to include a range of relaxed dressing called Focus Lifestyle. Focus Lifestyle is a group of sophisticated casual sportswear designed to mix and match with the core Focus 2000 collection. As Marianne Pearsall, head designer says, "For most women today, real style is not an "either/or" equation."

"So we're focused on giving our customer what she really wants, clothes that she can enjoy for every occasion on the job or off duty." The collections are offered in 4-18, missy, 2-18, petite, and 14-28 for women. A lot of the clothing is machine washable too, a practical advantage an added benefit for today's budget conscious customers.